eslite 誠品|Good Times Tray Set 好時光系列盤組

好時光系列盤組是蛋造設計為誠品設計節打造的滿額兌換禮,設計節規模橫跨台灣與中國蘇州、香港的誠品。 The Good Times Tray Set was designed by Danzo Studio for Eslite's Design Festival 2017 gift.
小盤 Ø15 x 2.4 cm 中盤 30 x 15 x 2 cm 大盤 58 x 9 x 1.5 cm

The festival was held in Eslite locations in Taiwan, SuZhou (China), and Hongkong. The tray set consists of three different designs, made with three different materials and manufactured in three different locations. The set has flower-shaped ceramics plate, stainless steel tray, and a Taiwanese acacia tray; all can be used separately, or in any combination.


The bright red flower plate, combined with the stainless steel tray with fine leaf vein pattern, aswell as the long wooden tray creates an image of stems, leaves, and flowers within the set. The layers created and versatility the set gives an impression of an Ikebana arrangement and can be used as a dessert plate, change tray, or whatever you fancy.