eslite Piggy Bank
誠品 小豬撲滿

豬在台灣文化中有富足、團圓、多子多孫的含義,而重新詮釋與設計已成為世界符號的小豬撲滿是本次比較大的挑戰。 The Pig in Taiwanese culture symbolizes abundance, union, and fertility. The "piggy bank" is an mundane object that the world is so familiar with, which made this project all the more challenging to design.
小豬 13 x 12 x 10 cm 大豬 17.5 x 16 x 13 cm


We overcame this obstable by combining the elements of the coin slot and stopper of a piggy bank, creating an area on the object where the user can both deposit and withdraw money. The stopper is casted from silicone and the body from ceramic; the two contrasting materials add on a playful and stylish design to make a perfect holiday gift.Moreover, when placed on the table, the little pig's face looks up longingly to the user as if asking to be fed. This user experience has been thoughtfully designed and is a key feature of this product.

Another product in the series is a piggy candy jar. The size has been scaled up to create a larger opening with a lip added for the convenience of grabbing snacks out. The airtight lid is made from silicone, making this a functional and pleasing tabletop item.