Landscape - Volcano

The LANDSCAPE organizers introduce a collection of diversified habitats specified for all tabletop gadgets and/or accessories. Function follows form, for each box lid is outfitted with a particular terrain scene. The series contains five choices of terrains; each provides unique functions for various uses.


Volcano breaks up the stereotype of an ordinary box by creating an opening on the lid, allowing the users to place pens, rulers, and markers into the crater. The lava lines that flow out from it divide the surface into four grids, suitable for displaying tiny objects such as pins, erasers, clips and paper marks.



Material: aluminum alloy
Color: raw metal, snow white, night blue, lake green, sunset orange
Dimension: 15.9 x 10.4 x 6.5 (cm)
The pattern on the aluminum alloy surface is a special vintage treatment, and the oxidation on the surface is nature phenomenon. Please avoid scratching and impact force against to the coating surface.
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